Thursday, 7 December 2017

Duke of Edinburgh (Gold Award) - (Videos- 5 ) - (PHOTOS-15) - Date: 22 - 27 Nov -2017


Duke of Edinburgh (Gold Award)

A group of 23 students were selected for the Duke of Edinburgh ( Gold Award ) programme. A 6 days trekking programme, dated from 22nd November 2017 to 27th November 2017 was organised to The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve ,Ooty. The skills exhibited by the students were remarkable. During this trek the students felt The Nature from a very closer perspective. They met one the tribes of The Nilgiris THE TODA TRIBE  and had the opportunity to interact with them and visit one of their MUND (home). They were very enthusiastic to know about their life style, culture, their benefit from the government etc. Their eagerness to know about these people more, made us reach the wetlands to know the source of water for them. As a part of the study programme  they had the opportunity to visit specific places such as the Ooty Vegetable market where they were asked to make a survey about the varieties of exotic and local vegetables. They also got to visit vegetable farm where they saw the exotic vegetables being grown and also the auction of vegetables being held. Around the ooty lake they identified the various sources of pollution and also analysed them. 
The involvement of the children was outstanding and worth an applause. 
Praying for their success.

Videos- 4

JIRS - Students study wetlands & their significance

JIRS - students study - Biodiversity in Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve

The Todas of Upper Nilgiris & their changing lifestyle

JIRS - Students on School trip study Lichens 



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