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EQUESTRIAN COMPETITION REPORT -Date : 9th to 11th February 2018 - (PHOTOS -220)




Name of the CompetitionAmbur Equestrian Challenge 2018

Competition Level: South India Equestrian Championship

 Venue:  Ambur Vellore District, Tamil Nadu

Competing Teams: 18 Teams

Date :  9th to 11th February 2018

Category:   16 Years and below & 16 Years and above.

JIRS Student Participation: 12 students.

12 JIRS students took part in Ambur Equestrian Challenge under the aegis of South India Equestrian Association held at Ambur, Tamil Nadu from 9th to 11th February 2018. There were many horses riding schools and clubs all over South India with well- Known National, International and Asian Riders with imported Warm Blood horses that took part in the competition. There were more than 80 sport horses and more than 130 riders competing in the competition.

Jain international Residential School was the only Academic School which took part in this competition among other professional clubs. Our students performed extremely well especially in the Show Jumping events.

JIRS Equestrian Team of Riders who took part in the competition:

1.      Prem Kumar of 6th std
2.      Araya Srinivas of 6th std
3.      Utkarsh J Bokhadia of 6th std
4.      Raghav Kegriwal of 7th Std
5.      Jeeth D Chudgar of 8th Std
6.      Anushka Mathur of 8th Std
7.      Abdul Kaiz of 9th Std
8.      Krish D Chandan of 9th Std
9.      Shaury Rai of 10th Std
10.  Vaishnav Sajeev Nair  of 11th std
11.  Yashashwini C H of 11th Std
12.  Shreya  Patadia of 12th std.

Competition Summary:

Our students performance was well spoken off and their hard work paid off with 4 medals and 6 clear rounds in the technical course  set in the high intensifying 3 day competition.

1.      Prem Kumar was placed 2nd in Show jumping 60-70cms
2.      Prem Kumar was also placed 5th in Dressage
3.      Shaurya Rai was placed 2nd in Show jumping 80-90cms.
4.      Jeet D C was placed 5th in Show jumping.
5.      Utkarsh Bokadia had a clear round
6.      Raghav had a Clear Round
7.      Prem Kumar had 2 clear Rounds
8.      Jeet D C had a clear round.
9.      Shaurya Rai had one clear round.
10.  All the other JIRS riders did well in Show Jumping and Dressage Events.

The team was coached by Mr. Abdul Nazir and Mr. Vignesh G







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