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EUROPE TRIP - IBDP, IGCSE & CBSE class 4th to 9th & 11th std Students- PHOTOS – 377



IBDP, IGCSE  & CBSE class 4th to 9th & 11th std Students

(Day 1 - Photos- 116) (Day 2 – Photos -73)(Day 3 –Photos –114)(Day 4 – Photos- 74)

The students who had opted for the Europe Trip left the premises of the school on our voyage to the lush green European countries on the 2nd of September. The first day we visited the BMW PRODUCTION UNIT AND SAW A VARIETY OF CARS .It was an amazing experience to see a plethora of cars. We also visited the Olympic tower and visited many interesting places. In Austria, we visited Swaroski Crystal Museum, in Paris the Eiffel tower and in Switzerland the Tills Mountain. Overall it was an amazing and knowledgeable experience. This educational tour taught us about the various cultures and traditions and at the same time gave us an insight to the varied culture and life style of the people. We even visited Disneyland where we enjoyed immensely and am desirous of reliving the same experience once again.


Every year our school organizes a trip to an international destination. This time the place which was selected was Europe.  It is my favourite destination to go.  I was very excited about the trip.  I was very excited to go to Germany because it was a major country in the world war-1. When we reached there I learnt many things form this tour, some of things which I learnt was about Germany  mainly has 60% of adults in their population of that 60% 40% are women. Germany’s history was very exciting because it was full of events of war. In Germany, tour guide told us many things about Germany’s past that how cruel was Hitler. There we also the bullet marks of the world war -1 on the buildings.  We also came to know that in how bad crisis Germany had after world war-1 but the people of Germany didn’t give up and worked hard for the country’s growth. After all this one of the major things that I learnt was ‘discipline’ the people there are so disciplined they follow lines everywhere, they didn’t break any rules or laws. While driving they wore their seatbelts every time. No wonder Germany has risen again as Europe’s strongest economic power.                                                                                                                  -  AHMED

PHOTOS – 377

Day 1 - Photos- 116


Day -2   Photos-73


Day -3   Photos-114


Day - 4   Photos- 74


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