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Good Touch & Bad Touch - Department of Special Education and Counselling -2017-18 - PHOTOS-40


Department of Special Education and Counselling -2017-18

‘Good Touch & Bad Touch’

Vidya Block - Date: 27 Sep 2017

An interactive session was held on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ for female students of Classes IV to VIII by Ms. Inna Z. Jafri, School Counsellor on 27th September 2017 to reinforce in students the need to be safe and secure.

The session was begun with the introduction to the swim suit rule by making them indulge in a drawing activity in which all participated actively and enthusiastically.

The difference between good and bad touch was discussed with inputs from the female students. A visual input quiz expecting students to identify and classify the touch as good or bad was conducted. The different kinds of bad touches were discussed. The presentation emphasized the idea of recognising the negative emotions arising out of bad touch; how to say NO and be able to get away from uncomfortable situations; how to report concerns to a safe adult- parents, teachers, and trusted adult; not to feel ashamed; it is not their fault, but, the perpetrator of the bad touch; not to keep secrets; not to feel threatened.

With the help of student volunteers, role play was conducted to demonstrate good and bad touch. The actions to be taken in an insecure and unsafe situation were also demonstrated to them by making them repeat it out aloud-  saying NO, running away, call for help, share with a trusted adult, never to share alone space with the perpetrator.

To conclude, safety rules were emphasized to the students. A question – answer round was conducted where concerns like trial room safety was also addressed.

Ms. Inna Z. Jafri




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